The Early Years

by The Undercover Hippy



This EP is a collection of the first recordings I made, set-up in my little brothers bedroom with a cheap computer and a cheap mic, learning as I went along. Many of the songs were written while they were recorded! While I may cringe when I listen back to some of them now, I think it's good to remember where you started!


released May 1, 2006

Written, recorded, produced and performed by Billy Rowan Salisbury


all rights reserved



The Undercover Hippy Bristol

The Undercover Hippy is actually UK based singer-songwriter Billy Rowan. After 7 years spent DJ’ing and MC’ing on the Drum & Bass circuit, Billy ditched the decks for a guitar and started out as a solo act in 2007. He now plays with a 5 piece band, bringing together, keys, drums, bass, congas and backing vocals to create a high energy, interactive and highly entertaining live show. ... more


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Track Name: People Say
people say you’ve got your life ahead of you, you’d better do your
best to be a steadily increasing flow of revenue I
never new how readily I’d jump into the race take my
place behind the next man, let my mind erase gotta
face up, to the fact that everybody has to act like we
signed some secret pact to make sure no one ever slacked like
what the fuck is up with that I mean that’s crap
why the fuck would I want to work when I could just lay back

on a beach somewhere in the southern hemisphere
smoking weed drinking beer close my eyes I’m almost
- there. -------------
---------------------------------------------I said the
sun is shining down real hot on the spot where I’m
sitting I’m sweating, and thinking about the tan that I’m
getting no I’m not fretting, no stress no,
- this is the life man there’s no contest

yes, this is the best place to be, don’t you
see, I’m making up my own destiny I’m
free, to do what I wanna, I’m gonna,
stay here for the whole damn summer, don’t wanna go
back to the old hum drummer nah the
U to the K is a serious bummer, cos I keep
thinking about the rain and the responsibility
- I swear that shit is causing premature senility

- the hostility of the british weather
makin me really start to reach the end of my tether but
could I really sever my connection to the homeland
- give up my roots and trade em in for some tropical
sand, I don’t know, but fuck it man it’s worth a go
- wouldn’t it be possible to keep just moving to and fro
one year in the rain then one year in the sun but
would this make me better off when all is said and done and

am I being selfish always thinking about number one
- I don’t know, but still I feel I gotta run
- away, today, maybe tomorrow
beg steal borrow till I got enough dough
to get me through a week or two or three or
four or maybe more I don’t know bro but
still I feel I gotta go, gotta get away
- gotta find an escape from this place

get out of the rat race they call capitalism cos it’s a
prison of the mind I think you’ll find in a years
time, people are getting tired of the nickel and the
dime but moving the rhyme onto a whole new level, I
think I might sell my fucking soul to the devil
get my butt baked like toast in a breville
toastie maker think I’ll take a
bit of time out now to meet my maker

nah, fuck it cos the pope is a faker the
whole damn church is on the
take I think I’ll make a new re-
ligion, call it billyism do you wanna
come get some from me cos I’m giving it
out for free, don’t you see, that we
are all members of one big family I said
feeling free, feeling free.
Track Name: On My Own
So many stories penned by fools
So many rules to lock you down
The truth is so elusive no conclusive facts
To bring me round
To one way of thinking I’m drinking in everything
Watching it sinking into my mind
The truth of my kind

So many people try to tell me what’s the meaning of my life
Just waving books at me and yelling telling me what’s wrong from right
But I don’t listen to them, see right through them
Tell them I can figure it out
On my own

On my own
I’m gonna figure it out
On my own
I’m gonna figure it out
On my own, on my own

It’s all about the money the power the ego
The wherever he go then we go, does he know? I hope so
‘Cause we don’t, they don’t, just follow just follow just follow
Like a sheep to the fold yeah
Just do what you’re told yeah
Well maybe this guy got it right
Well I hope so
Cause you put your life
In the hands of so many fools who
Said they could save you
Cause you wanted to believe
But now they control you

Until you open up your eyes
You’re never going to see, or realize
That what you have right now
Is all you’ll
Ever need
All you’ll ever need.

And that’s why I’m gonna figure it out
On my own
I’m gonna figure it out
On my own
I’m gonna figure it out
On my own, on my own

On my own
I’m gonna figure it out
On my own
I’m gonna figure it out
On my own, on my own
Track Name: Dub Improv
random freestyle!

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