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released June 17, 2010

Drums: James Pagella, Joe Gaywood
Bass: Alex Crane, Zac Gregory, Seb
Keys: Andreas Millns,
Fiddle: Leo Hess
Guitar/Vocals: Billy Salisbury

All songs written by Billy Rowan Salisbury Copyright 2010.


all rights reserved



The Undercover Hippy Bristol

The Undercover Hippy is actually UK based singer-songwriter Billy Rowan. After 7 years spent DJ’ing and MC’ing on the Drum & Bass circuit, Billy ditched the decks for a guitar and started out as a solo act in 2007. He now plays with a 5 piece band, bringing together, keys, drums, bass, congas and backing vocals to create a high energy, interactive and highly entertaining live show. ... more


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Track Name: Borders (Live @ Sunrise 2010)
The lyrics in this track are a work in progress... once I've finished writing them I'll let you know... :)
Track Name: Freestyle (Live @ Sunrise 2010)
made up
Track Name: Borders (Live at Glasto 2011)
We put up the borders that board us into our boxes
Can’t you see now how the locksmith lies?
Stoking up the national pride
While they’re keeping all the wealth inside

We put up the borders
To keep out the needy man
To protect the greedy man
To keep all the living men dead, dead, dead



We put up the borders
That separate us from our fellow human beings
Emphasizing difference instead of seeing
The reflections that connect us
Connections that perfect us
The similarities of factors that affect us in our
Everyday existence in this planet that we all live upon
Six billion expressions of the same essential one
The same essential force
That fundamental source
Of energy that manifests itself in oh so many different forms. And it’s

All alright and all ok and that’s just fine you know but
Me I know that sometimes you have to draw the lines just to make
Sense of what you see
Of this reality
But understand the lines you draw only exist within your mind, it’s the
Illusion of separation, whoa oh oh
Separating nation from nation, the
Justification for social segregation
So deep in our delusions like a world of mental patients, now it’s

Time to tear down the asylum walls and let the patients out, it’s
Time to let the refugees inside and share the wealth about, it’s
Time that we all understand
We are just one land
Just one people, people it’s time to make a stand and say


No woh woh woh
I won’t go woh woh woh
I won’t go quietly no no no
I won’t go quietly no no no
I said No woh woh woh
I won’t go woh woh woh
I won’t go quietly no no no
I won’t go quietly no no no

And if I do, you should know
You can’t trap my soul
Trap my soul
Behind these...





That elevate the status of those with resources
Never wonder from what plundering the source is
Excavated from the living earth
Minerals like outlaw criminals flee from their place of birth and
Make the journey northwards
Destined for our waters where they’re
Welcomed in with open arms by the governments and corporates
Container ships slip over border points with ease
When they’re carrying the commodities that service our greed, but meanwhile

Deep down in the belly of the ship, a secret human cargo waits
No food or water’s passed a man’s lips for the last eleven days
Kept alive by memories of families they’ve left behind
They ride the waves towards the promise of a better life

Some flee from tyranny
Some simply seek a way
To lift themselves up from the poverty that stalks them every day
Some run away from never ending civil war
For every single one of them
This is the last resort and they say...



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