Move to the Sound

from by The Undercover Hippy



This track is basically a bunch of my old lyrics I used as a jungle MC back when I was about 19... hence the slightly affected accent!


I'm gonna be alive to the day that I die
gonna keep on living if it's only to defy
the grim reaper
he's putting men to sleep I
don't want to be buried six feet deep I
just want to keep a
hold of my sanity I want to be
a member of a globalistic family
that's all I really want to be
All I really want to be
All I want to be is recognized in the eyes of the nation
You tune into my lyrics like a radio station
soaking up my lyricolour information
this one going out to the whole collaboration of music lovers
right across the nation
we've got to keep it in a tight formation
said none of this bad boy rude boy confrontation
no I'm not digging that situation
you just got to keep it on a vibe of elation
because that's what it's all about
I don't need to shout like a lager lout
because I've got my own kind of style
It's wicked and wild
I'm keeping it keeping it keeping it on a low profile
because I want to stay underground yes I’m touching down with the sound
of the drum and bass underground
everybody in the town got to move it up
and move it down, move it down.

That’s why I say
Everybody move to the sound
That I’m laying down

I said wouldn't it be great if we could get creative keep it on a positive vibe
never being negative. One big tribe with the singular prerogative
of living your life the way you want to live

As part of a collective, a retrospective,
I'm sniffing out those lyrics like the singing detective
I'm a lyrical sleuth its the truth I'm a ruthless jungalist,
In a this don’t diss don’t take the piss

because I never miss the point no,
I spark myself a big joint and then I pass it to a friend because at the end of the day
there is no other way with a hey hey, we don’t play
go with the mic with the get what a say with the mc billy

no delay no replay doing it my own way I keep on going to the break of day
the break of dawn I keep coming on keep coming on keep coming on keep coming on strong

That’s why I say
Everybody move to the sound
That I’m laying down


from Demo, released May 1, 2008
Written, recorded, produced and performed by Billy Rowan Salisbury


all rights reserved



The Undercover Hippy Bristol

The Undercover Hippy is actually UK based singer-songwriter Billy Rowan. After 7 years spent DJ’ing and MC’ing on the Drum & Bass circuit, Billy ditched the decks for a guitar and started out as a solo act in 2007. He now plays with a 5 piece band, bringing together, keys, drums, bass, congas and backing vocals to create a high energy, interactive and highly entertaining live show. ... more


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