A Solution

from by The Undercover Hippy



I wrote this track whilst working in a rubbish call centre job in leeds, during a particularly grim english summer! Hence the first line!


I don’t know what’s been going on
But I know that it feels so wrong yeah yeah
I don’t know what’s been going on
But I know that it feels so wrong yeah

We’ve got to find a solution yeah X4

There are many ways of killing days and time
To rhyme is mine but I lose my mind when I’m working nine
To five. I strive to keep my mind alive
With thoughts of ways to make the days blur into a haze
Struggling through a maze of many ways
Thinking of summer days and summer haze
And thinking of all the lazy ways I used to spend my days when I was raised
Back in the days when I would blaze purple haze
As I’d lie getting high on my back in the maize.
I said I’d lie getting high on my back in the maize

We’ve got to find a solution yeah X4

As well as lazy days there were crazy days and easy ways to ease the greys
I used to praise the lord for giving us the liberty cap
‘Cause if it wasn’t for that the winter would have been crap

We all just used to wrap ourselves in layers of clothes
And go and pick a thousand being careful which ones we chose
And then we’d go back to my house and make a mushroom brew
You’d grimace as you finished cause it tastes like spew

And that was when the fun would begin, the giggling
The figuring of bigger things that always baffle bigger men
And there and then our answers seemed to all make sense
Even when the questions got a little intense

And then we’d have a vision and we’d come to a decision
And we’d set off into nowhere on some fucked up kind of mission
Yeah we’d end up wishin that we didn’t have to come down
Around on the ground in some imaginary compound
Hearing shit in hedges saying
“What the fuck was that?!”
When we went to look we’d find out it was just a cat.

But nowadays those days are gone and it’s not the same
Except for Glastonbury and shit
When everyone just goes insane
But I think my brain is probably quite pleased I’ve eased up
Otherwise my frame of mind eventually would have freezed up
Seized up
So nowadays I just read up
Flexing in the muscles in my brain till I speed up

And when I’ve freed up all the power that I can
My overflow will grow enough to overthrow the Taliban
I’m a man with a mission
Gonna make a new addition
To the old traditional verbal communication
I’ll be dishin out my lyrics to the whole entire nation
Like a radio station so if your patient then just listen
As I’m dishin out nutrition to the wishin coalition

Gonna get myself in a position where people just have to listen
To my idle dissin with a kinda blind superstition
You’ll be wishin you’d never challenged me
I’m like an analogy for an allergy to your very reality
While you be itchin I be scratching it up
Mixing and matchin it up
Until I’m walking out with the cup
And when I’m walking out I’m walking out laughin
Cos I got the last laugh in while you were still barfin
In the bathroom cos you drank too much too soon
Then you just swooned like a pussy on the dance floor
Like a pay me in advance whore
You never take a chance of a stance for
Anything that you believe in

No your just deceiving yourself if you think you’ll be leaving this place
You’re a disgrace boy so

We’ve got to find a solution yeah X4


from Demo, released May 1, 2008
Written, Recorded, Produced and Performed by Billy Rowan Salisbury.


all rights reserved



The Undercover Hippy Bristol

The Undercover Hippy is actually UK based singer-songwriter Billy Rowan. After 7 years spent DJ’ing and MC’ing on the Drum & Bass circuit, Billy ditched the decks for a guitar and started out as a solo act in 2007. He now plays with a 5 piece band, bringing together, keys, drums, bass, congas and backing vocals to create a high energy, interactive and highly entertaining live show. ... more


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